Passively collected item level purchase data from:
Online purchases|Loyalty card transactions|Receipt images| Barcode scans| Mobile Payments

The Information Machine API

Enable your users to passively stream their product level purchase data from online or loyalty card transactions.

Our army of bots allows your users to passively collect purchase data from the largest merchants in the world. And don't worry if a merchant isn't covered by our streams, we also have the capability to gather data from receipt uploads and barcode scans. So what are you waiting for? Start building the next generation of personal data driven apps!

Use Cases

The possibilities are endless...

Diet & Healthcare Apps

Think "Fitbit" for food! Food logging becomes painless when you no longer have to remember everything you purchased.

Food & Grocery Apps

And imagine what you could do with access to all of your users' food purchase history!

Recommendation Engines

Better data = better recommendations.

Price Comparison Apps

Know what your users are buying and proactively target the products they want, at the lowest price.

Coupon Apps

No more painfull coupon searching, present relevant coupons to your users based on past purchases.

And many more...

Knowing your users on a completely different level opens up a world of opportunities.

Online Transactions

Our army of bots allows your users to passively collect item level purchase data from online retailers. All the user has to do is connect a store once and our bots will pull purchase history and continue to update your user's account with any purchases made after the connection is established.

Loyalty Card Transactions

The IM API can also passively collect purchase data from in-store purchases made using a loyalty card (at select retailers) as long as your user has connected his card to an online account. Again, one simple connection, endless valuable data for your user.

Receipt Uploads

The IM API also has the ability to match product data to uploaded receipts. All your user has to do is snap an image of their receipts and IM does the rest.

Barcode Scans

It is possible to associate barcode to IM user account. API response contains product data for provided barcode. Execution might take up to 15 seconds, depending on whether barcode exists in database or IM services must gather data for uploaded barcode.

Feel free to contact us if there’s interest using our service.