Passively streamed purchase data.
Infinitely smarter apps.

Item Level Purchase Data from Any Transaction.
Passively Collected, Continually Updated.
Evolving User Engagement, Rocketing User Value.

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Plug into the IM API and instantly enable your users to passively stream their product level purchase data from online or loyalty card transactions.

Our army of bots allow your users to passively collect their item level purchase data from the largest merchants in the world. Tap into it’s potential to build the next generation of personal data driven apps.

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  • Online & Loyalty Card

    purchase passively collected & streamed to your app.

  • $1T+ in Annual Sales

    ready to stream from merchants available through the IM API

  • Unlimited Possibilities

    to create with the data now at your fingertips.

Stream item level purchase data from 1/4 of all retail sales in US and 80% of all food & personal health care transactions.

Some of the retailers you can start to build with today:

Our Process for adding a new retailer takes just a few hours. So if it’s missing , let us know & we’ll build it!

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